It seems like every day, conservatives are flooded with varying poll results regarding the 2016 presidential and congressional elections. Polls from RealClearPolitics to Pew Research have given conservatives an idea of where the nation stands on important issues, who should win the presidency and President Obama’s approval rating. However, what if there was a website which polled just conservatives on issues that you care about? National Republican Polling does exactly that. As conservatives, we value individualism, which means we don’t always agree on certain issues and topics of the day. National Republican Polling looks to tap into the pulse of the conservative movement, figure out where we agree and disagree and provide our members insight on the top issues of the day.
Conservatives and liberals don’t just disagree with each other, there are several different forms of conservatism which don’t always agree either. We want to hear from you, whether you identify as neoconservative, paleoconservative, right wing populist or as a Tea Party member. We want to hear how you feel about the current issues of the day, the future of the conservative movement, who your favorite conservative radio host is and more. Becoming a member is easy and the benefits of membership mean that your voice can be heard within the conservative movement.
While some of our voices may disagree, we all want to make our country better by promoting strong conservative values, and National Republican Polling is the place to do that. National Republican Polling is dedicated to listening to and amplifying your voice, so that all of our voices can rise together and fight for conservative values in America.